BRIDGE foundation® is a charitable trust / Non-Profit Organisation based in India. It was established on 31st March 2016 by a set of enthusiastic youngsters. It’s registered under Indian Trusts Act, 1882 (Registration # 73/16).

The purpose of the BRIDGE foundation® is to build-community, where people can identify peoples need and can help them using us. So, those who want to help poor or needy peoples, can easily find them through us. We are actively engaged in community service through several grassroots initiatives, including spreading awareness on Good/Bad Touch among children & their parents………..

BRIDGE foundation®

How to become VOLUNTEER?

BRIDGE foundation®

Donation is always not in means of MONEY. You can even donate your precious TIME as a Volunteer of BRIDGE foundation® by attending / helping to co-ordinate our various campaigns, orphanage / old-age visits, medical camps, awareness programs and almost all of our projects by joining with our existing volunteers just by  clicking the JOIN US button below”.

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